Those Who Insist That There Is No Soul

First, let’s listen to the words of those who deny the soul, and continue our study of the soul.

In the Bible, the word “soul” has two meanings. In the Old Testament it means the life of the living, and in the New Testament it literally means the spirit of the dead. The sould usually means the spirit of the dead, but it also refers to the living because it also exists in a living person.

However, some deny the soul and disregard all the testimonies of the soul spoken by Jesus and the apostles. They study only the Old Testament written under the dim moonlight, so that they cannot reach the truth. Even if there are hundreds of records about the soul in the Old Testament, what is important is to focus on the words of Jesus the Owner of the soul and the words of the apostles taught by Him. We must continue our study based on their words.

Those who deny the soul’s existance quote verses only from the Old Testament; it’s because they can’t find a single verse that denies the soul in the New Testament. However, the Old Testament verses do not deny the soul, either. As it is written in Psalm 6:5 Studying this verse carefully in the context, we can see that these words do not mean that no one has the spirit after death, but that no one can give thanks to God in the grave unless he is saved. So it is written Psalm 6:1-4, Psalm 115:17-18; Psalm 146:3-4; Ecclesiastes 9:5-10; Ecclesiastes 3:19-20.

Literally, all the above verses seem to mean that when a man dies, his spirit ceases to exist and his fate is like that of the animals after death. However, the following verses in the same book clearly testify about the spirit: Ecclesiastes 3:21; Ecclesiastes 12:7.

There cannot be any contradisctions in the same book written by the same person. The reason there seems to be a contradiction is because the words for the body and the words for the soul are recorded separately. In the book of Job, it is written:

Job 14:10 But man dies and is laid low; he breathes his last and is no more (Job 17:13-16).

Reading the above words carefully we can see it is referring to the body. Job uttered those words when he had no hope for resurrection and eternal life. (Job 14:7-14). Job spoke these words without any hope for resurrection. This shows that he uttered the words without knowledge of the soul. Some think that every word of the Bible is spoken from God. They are greatly mistaken. The 66 books of the Bible contain words uttered by hundreds of different people. These words are grouped into 3 kinds: true teachings given by the Holy Spirit, the words against God’s will, and the mistaken words from men’s opinions. so we should look at the context of each verse carefully to find its correct meaning.

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