The Corrupt Sons of God & The City of Refuge

In the Old and New Testaments, the holy people of heaven are called by various names: the angels in heaven (Matthew 22:30), a great company of the heavenly host (Luke 2:13) or the sons of God (Job 38:7; Genesis 6:1-3).

Like human society, in heaven there is a king as well as officials, soldiers and people. The heavenly host or angel is the name given to the workers of God, and the name sons of God are applied to the holy people heaven. Even so, the heavenly hosts or angels are not different from the sons of God but the same, because all of them are created with God’s breath of life. So we will be like angels at the resurrection. As it is written:

Luke 20:36 “and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels. They are God’s children, since they are children of the resurrection.”

Such precious spirits sinned against God, being tempted by Satan. As unconvicted prisoners, they are now seeking God’s favor in this city of refuge.

Among the twelve tribes of Israel, there were six cities of refuge under Moses’ law (Numbers 35:10-15; Deuteronomy 19:1-10; Joshua 20:9). If anyone accidentally killed a person, he could flee to the cities and be protected from the hands of the blood avenger.

If a man struck someone while fighting so that he died, he was to be put to death. Even though he fled to the city of refuge, if proven guilty after thorough investigation, he was to be handed over to the avenger of blood for execution by the elders of the city. But if a man killed another unintentionally and fled to the city of refuge before the avenger of blood caught him, he could save his own life. he was to stay there until the death of the high priest who was anointed with the holy oil. Afterwards, he was free to return to his home (Numbers 35:15-32) –spiritually this represents the heavenly country.

This is a shadow of a real event that occurred in heaven. We are God’s sons who sinned unintentionally, being tempted by Satan, and fled to this sinful world – the city of refuge. Like the case of the city of refuge under Moses’ law, we are released from this city of refuge and return to the heavenly country by the death of Jesus Christ – the Holy High Priest. Among all men born into this world, those whose souls will not be saved have been predestined to serve Satan from the beginning. As Satan’s fallen angels, they will afflict God’s people (II Corinthians 11:14-15).

The prophet Ezekiel described how the king of Tyre had been in heaven before he was born into this world (Ezekiel 28:12-16).

Even Jesus revealed the truth of what happened in heaven through the many parables that He told, all of which were based on truth, not falsehood (Luke 15:4-7).

And it says: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” Luke 19:10

The above passage refers to our past, present and future. Every parable spoken by Jesus is important; for it contains God’s mysterious secrets of the past and the future. As it is written in Matthew 13:10-11; 34-35.

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