Will Christ Ahnsahnghong come to Israel again?

Before I studied where 2nd Coming Christ came to, I didn’t know the name Christ Ahnsahnghong, if I would of known this, I probably could of made the obvious assumption that he came from an Asian country.  At that time I was very anxious because I knew that he came in the flesh, in 1948 but I didn’t know where he came to.  I like most people figured that he was going to come to Israel again but once again my concept was broken through the word of God.  As you know the Father Jehovah, the Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit Christ Ahsahnghong, same one God.  When Jesus Christ came for the first time, he came to Israel but in his 2nd Coming, Christ Ahnsahnghong didn’t come to Israel again. Then, where did he come to?

Isaiah 41:2 “Who has stirred up one from the east,
calling him in righteousness to his service [a] ?
He hands nations over to him
and subdues kings before him.
He turns them to dust with his sword,
to windblown chaff with his bow.

3 He pursues them and moves on unscathed,
by a path his feet have not traveled before.

4 Who has done this and carried it through,
calling forth the generations from the beginning?
I, the LORD -with the first of them
and with the last—I am he.”

According to the book of Isaiah, 2nd Coming Christ is coming from the East but the interesting thing is, that he will walk a path that his feet have not traveled before.  There is no way that 2nd Coming Christ came to Israel because he already came there.  So we know that he is coming to the east but where in the east?  If you look at the bible in Spanish its says that 2nd Coming Christ is coming from “el oriente”, meaning an Asian country.

Isaiah 46:11 From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that will I bring about; what I have planned, that will I do.

Some of the potential countries that he could have came to are China, Korea and Japan.  The farthest to the east is Japan but according to this verse it says a far-off land.  Japan is an island so we know 2nd Coming Christ didn’t come to Japan.  According to the scriptures 2nd Coming Christ came to South Korea, South Korea is the furthest land to the east that is Asian.  The bible testifies that 2nd Coming Christ came to South Korea and even if you study about the prophecy of King David and Melchizedek, you will receive more confirmation that Christ Ahnsahnghong is 2nd Coming Christ.

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  • By Reina, May 12, 2011 @ 6:14 pm

    Christ Ahnsahnghong is truely second coming Christ. He came to Korea according to the prophecy for bring us the salvaion.

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