The Bible is True – Christ AhnSahngHong has shown us.

Please watch the following video to see how true the Bible is and how important it is to believe in the Scriptures as a book of prophecy because all (100%) of God’s Word is being fulfilled.

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The Bible is True

In order to believe in anything in this world people want evidence. In fact the proof of evidence of God should be no different, or even more expected. But now-a-days it is difficult to believe in God because so many churches have interpreted the Bible and made it unclear and uncertain. Thus, in order for anyone to believe in God, they must first believe in the Bible. Much like one who wants to believe science is true and factual they must study science books and theory. Well the only book that testifies about God is the Bible, thus we must believe in the Bible.

Many passages of scripture, which were written long before the existance of science are in agreement with the proof that has been found within more recent ages, yet theBible was written ages ago.

For example, Job 26:7 testifies about the earth being suspended over nothing. Job 36:27-28 testifies about the water system/cycle. And these are just a couple examples. In fact the whole Bible is a book of prophecy, and as God has clearly proven His Word to be true, we should not neglect the prophecies which remain to be fulfilled.

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