Paradigm Shift – what is heresy?

Regarding where my beliefs fall, I would rather be branded as a heretic, than believing falsehood. Please watch the following video to understand what type of paradigm shift I had to undergo to believe in God the Father and Mother, even though the majority reject this Biblical truth.

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Believing what the Bible says…

On this earth that we live in there are so many different people… no two people are exactly alike. So, with the diversity that exists, there is also a spectrum of beliefs. The number of religions are countless… each following, practicing and believing what the set leader has put forth. In the same way, Christians, by their name alone claim to follow Christ. Then, the example that Christ left is found in the Bible. Then, I must believe what the Bible says, no matter what… even if it is contrary to what the majority does or what even so-called religious leaders say. If I am a Christian, I should follow, practice and believe what the Bible says. Especially taking note of the last message in the scriptures regarding salvation. Revelation 22:17 says that the Spirit and the bride are giving eternal life (water of life) and saying “Come.” Then, in order to go to them I must know who They are and then where to go. Living in the last days, I must go to the Spirit and the bride, otherwise I am not living in accordance with the Bible prophecy. Immediately following this, the Bible concludes by saying do not add nor take away… then I must understand about the Spirit and the bride and where they are.

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