Paradigm Shift – what is heresy?

Regarding where my beliefs fall, I would rather be branded as a heretic, than believing falsehood. Please watch the following video to understand what type of paradigm shift I had to undergo to believe in God the Father and Mother, even though the majority reject this Biblical truth.

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Believing what the Bible says…

On this earth that we live in there are so many different people… no two people are exactly alike. So, with the diversity that exists, there is also a spectrum of beliefs. The number of religions are countless… each following, practicing and believing what the set leader has put forth. In the same way, Christians, by their name alone claim to follow Christ. Then, the example that Christ left is found in the Bible. Then, I must believe what the Bible says, no matter what… even if it is contrary to what the majority does or what even so-called religious leaders say. If I am a Christian, I should follow, practice and believe what the Bible says. Especially taking note of the last message in the scriptures regarding salvation. Revelation 22:17 says that the Spirit and the bride are giving eternal life (water of life) and saying “Come.” Then, in order to go to them I must know who They are and then where to go. Living in the last days, I must go to the Spirit and the bride, otherwise I am not living in accordance with the Bible prophecy. Immediately following this, the Bible concludes by saying do not add nor take away… then I must understand about the Spirit and the bride and where they are.

Elohim God Reveals Mystery of God the Mother

Please take the time to view this brief clip to gain further understanding about Elohim God.

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The Passover Kept by The Church of God World Mission Society Identifies the True Children of God

As we can see through the scriptures the world and everything in it was created by God’s will (Revelation 4:11). And yet another verse shows us that everything on this earth is a copy and shadow of what exists within the heavenly realms (Hebrews 8:5). Then, taking a look at the family system on this earth we come to realize that it was created to reveal to us the heavenly family. Think about it… here on this earth, the key factors that compose a family are the children, father and mother. In the same way, the Bible should testify that we also have a Heavenly Father, a Heavenly Mother, and as a result making us the children of God.

Scriptures testify clearly to the existance of God the Father (Hebrews 12:9 & Matthew 6:9) and many Christians easily call God Father without getting agitated or upset. However, when the suggestion of God the Mother is brought up in conversation, many Christians reject the notion without even seeing it within the Scriptures. This is a problem, because anything we believe about God should be verified and checked in the Bible. Otherwise we are guilty of creating our own god. True God is testified in the Bible as Elohim God – God the Father and God the Mother (Galatians 4:26). If God were not our Mother in heaven then we would not have physical mothers on this earth. But all mothers on this earth were created as a shadow of the reality which is God the Mother.

Naturally, if a man is called “father” and a woman is called “mother” this is due to the fact that they have children, as is the heavenly family. The Bible testifies there are children of God also. But how can we identify the true children of God? First, they must be born of God the Father and God the Mother. How can they be born? The Bible testifies through water and Spirit (John 3:3-6), meaning baptism (I Peter 3:21) and Christ’s flesh and blood through the Passover (John 6:53-54, 63). In the same way that children can identify who their parents are through a DNA blood test, the children of God Almighty Elohim must also share Their flesh and blood, which can only be done according to the Bible through the Passover (Matthew 26:17-19, 26-28).

Then Passover is the way to Identify the true children of Elohim God. The only church to celebrate the Passover according to Christ is the Church of God World Mission Society. Please come this year to keep the Passover, in order to become a child of God.

The Children of God Dwell in The Church of God World Mission Society

The Bible is a book of mysteries. I have also felt that there were things contained within the scriptures that I could never understand or know as long as I studied or meditated upon God’s Word. In fact, while reading the Bible I always felt as though it were a mysterious love letter written by God, the Holy Spirit, to His love, the children of God. Yet, if I were a child of God I should be able to understand the love letter… much like a man would express his love for his wife within a poem or love letter. The two of them share a hidden language, their language of love. In the same way, God’s language of love to His children is one of parables. Christ testified as stated that the words He spoke were constantly in parables (Matthew 13:34). Then, knowing that this is how the Bible is written, only the children of God can understand. We must first recognize according to the Bible who is a child of God and how can one possess this title?

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