The Secrets of the Bible are Revealed in The Church of God World Mission Society

The Bible describes or explains itself to be a book of mysteries and secrets. Many verses testify to this fact. However, even though much/most of my life was spent in church, I was never shown a secret nor explained a mystery. But when I started coming to the Church of God World Mission Society I have continually seen mystery after mystery and secret after secret revealed through the Word of God. I am not talking about someone explaining what they think the Bible says, but actually the Bible itself testifying about mysteries and secrets. Apart from the previously explained parable concerning the Tree of Life, let me give one more clear example. If it is not clear, please let me know.

Revelation 10:4 shows that Apostle John was told to seal up what the seven thunders spoke. Then, will the seven thunders remain sealed forever or will there be a time to unseal what was said. As I think about things that have been sealed within the world around me, a letter, a jar of peanut butter, and many more… These things are sealed to be protected until the one who is meant to open them receives them. Then, are the seven thunders also intended to be eventually opened? Let’s see. Revelation 10:7 says it will be accomplished and also in Revelation 22:10 is states not to seal up the words… Then surely there must be a time to unseal the words and also a specific one the words are intended for.

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