Church of God World Mission Society Has Access to the Tree of Life

Then, as we had left off… we were questioning whether or not the tree of life is actually on this earth. When we consider the beginning of our conversation pertaining to this we realized that the Bible testifies that Christ has always spoken in parables, ever since the creation of the world. Then, that would include the book of Genesis, which is where we read about the existance of the Tree of Life. All along, in the garden of eden there was the solution to our problem of death. Then, why didn’t Adam and Eve and for that matter, us, why didn’t we eat from the Tree of Life after having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?? This is the question at hand. The reason being so is very plain when we see that God blocked the way to the Tree of Life by two guardian angels. Then, even though they have found parts of Hezekiah’s tunnel, pieces of Noah’s Ark, and various other historical articles, no one ever has come across the Tree of Life being guarded by two angels in some garden… why not?? This is because the Tree of Life, and for that matter, the Garden of Eden, is not a physical place on earth, but rather a parable of what took place in heaven. Then God blocked the way to the Tree of Life (the way to have eternal life) and we were cast out of heaven to this earth. Then only who can unblock the Tree of Life and bring it down from heaven to this earth? Only God. Then, we must see to what must we eat that can give us eternal life? What has come down from heaven to this earth? Seeing as Christ is the one that spoke in parables since the creation of the world, then only Christ can show us the reality to this tree.

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