Church of God and The Tree of Life

Then the tree of life was also located within the garden of Eden. However, most people only know or focus upon the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Everyone knows the story regarding Adam and Eve being tempted to take and eat from this tree. Everyone knows about the serpent’s cunningness. But do serpents really talk? Did Adam and Eve die instantaneously from the moment they ate? The answer is no to both… we can understand from what we previously read that this account is a parable, due to Christ’s words spoken in Matthew 13:34-35. Then, prior to Adam and Eve eating from this tree, they did not have to face death. But as a result of eating, they now had to encounter death. This is the problem, the greatest problem known to man kind. All men have to die. No matter how old, young, rich, poor, smart, foolish, etc… all have to face death. Then if this is the origin of death, we must also find the solution to death… which leads us to the Tree of Life which has been hidden in the Garden of Eden. This Tree is one from which anyone could eat and live forever. Then why didn’t Adam and Eve reach out and take their hand and eat forever? As we note, the tree was blocked by Cherubim angels. (Genesis 3:22). Then is there no way to eat from the Tree of Life??? We shall see.

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