The Secrets of the Bible are Revealed in The Church of God World Mission Society

The Bible describes or explains itself to be a book of mysteries and secrets. Many verses testify to this fact. However, even though much/most of my life was spent in church, I was never shown a secret nor explained a mystery. But when I started coming to the Church of God World Mission Society I have continually seen mystery after mystery and secret after secret revealed through the Word of God. I am not talking about someone explaining what they think the Bible says, but actually the Bible itself testifying about mysteries and secrets. Apart from the previously explained parable concerning the Tree of Life, let me give one more clear example. If it is not clear, please let me know.

Revelation 10:4 shows that Apostle John was told to seal up what the seven thunders spoke. Then, will the seven thunders remain sealed forever or will there be a time to unseal what was said. As I think about things that have been sealed within the world around me, a letter, a jar of peanut butter, and many more… These things are sealed to be protected until the one who is meant to open them receives them. Then, are the seven thunders also intended to be eventually opened? Let’s see. Revelation 10:7 says it will be accomplished and also in Revelation 22:10 is states not to seal up the words… Then surely there must be a time to unseal the words and also a specific one the words are intended for.

The Reality of The Tree of Life Revealed in Church of God World Mission Society.

Then we must see what Christ revealed to be the reality of the “Tree of Life.” When we look into the words that Christ spoke 2,000 years ago we can clearly see that He revealed to us the reality of the “Tree of Life.”

Johnn6:53-54 “Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”

Then, previously we saw that the only way to have eternal life was to eat from which tree? The Tree of Life. But now we see according to Christ He emphasized and said “I tell you the truth…” that we must eat His flesh and blood to obtain eternal life. Then, think about it. The tree of life was in heaven, blocked by God, but the Bible testifies that Christ came down from heaven (John 6:38). Then let’s prove that Christ Jesus is God Almighty who came to unblock the way to the tree of life by giving us his flesh and blood.

Matthew 26:17-19; 26-28. Through the Passover we can receive and partake of Christ’s body (flesh) and blood. Then He brought us the Tree of Life (Himself) from heaven, granting us eternal life, life to the full (John 10:10). However, many are not aware that the Passover of Christ was abolished in 325 AD by Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea. Then following the abolishment to the Passover, no one can access the Tree of Life again. Then only who can unblock the way? Only God. That means, God must come again to give us opportunity to eat from the tree of life. Let’s see:

Hebrews 9:28 He will appear a second time… to bring salvation. Then according to this prophecy, Christ Himself has come again, bringing the Passover to the Church of God, unblocking the way and allowing us access to eat from the Tree of Life once again. Please consider the revelation of this mystery and come to the Church of God World Mission Society to keep the Passover.

Church of God World Mission Society Has Access to the Tree of Life

Then, as we had left off… we were questioning whether or not the tree of life is actually on this earth. When we consider the beginning of our conversation pertaining to this we realized that the Bible testifies that Christ has always spoken in parables, ever since the creation of the world. Then, that would include the book of Genesis, which is where we read about the existance of the Tree of Life. All along, in the garden of eden there was the solution to our problem of death. Then, why didn’t Adam and Eve and for that matter, us, why didn’t we eat from the Tree of Life after having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?? This is the question at hand. The reason being so is very plain when we see that God blocked the way to the Tree of Life by two guardian angels. Then, even though they have found parts of Hezekiah’s tunnel, pieces of Noah’s Ark, and various other historical articles, no one ever has come across the Tree of Life being guarded by two angels in some garden… why not?? This is because the Tree of Life, and for that matter, the Garden of Eden, is not a physical place on earth, but rather a parable of what took place in heaven. Then God blocked the way to the Tree of Life (the way to have eternal life) and we were cast out of heaven to this earth. Then only who can unblock the Tree of Life and bring it down from heaven to this earth? Only God. Then, we must see to what must we eat that can give us eternal life? What has come down from heaven to this earth? Seeing as Christ is the one that spoke in parables since the creation of the world, then only Christ can show us the reality to this tree.

Church of God and The Tree of Life

Then the tree of life was also located within the garden of Eden. However, most people only know or focus upon the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Everyone knows the story regarding Adam and Eve being tempted to take and eat from this tree. Everyone knows about the serpent’s cunningness. But do serpents really talk? Did Adam and Eve die instantaneously from the moment they ate? The answer is no to both… we can understand from what we previously read that this account is a parable, due to Christ’s words spoken in Matthew 13:34-35. Then, prior to Adam and Eve eating from this tree, they did not have to face death. But as a result of eating, they now had to encounter death. This is the problem, the greatest problem known to man kind. All men have to die. No matter how old, young, rich, poor, smart, foolish, etc… all have to face death. Then if this is the origin of death, we must also find the solution to death… which leads us to the Tree of Life which has been hidden in the Garden of Eden. This Tree is one from which anyone could eat and live forever. Then why didn’t Adam and Eve reach out and take their hand and eat forever? As we note, the tree was blocked by Cherubim angels. (Genesis 3:22). Then is there no way to eat from the Tree of Life??? We shall see.

The Mystery of The Tree of Life

One other parable that Christ spoke from the creation of the world is that of the Tree of Life. Actually I had only been able to recount the story of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The serpent tempted Adam and Eve, they ate from the tree and then had to face death. This tree was not enchanted, held no magical powers, nor was it powerful in any way. The reason Adam and Eve had to die as a result of eating from it was due to the fact that they disobeyed the Word of God.

The Word of God has power.

Then there are so many questions I use to have about the story of Adam and Eve. But since attending the Church of God World Mission Society I have come to find the answers to many of these questions. Including that of whether they had to die before eating from the tree? Did God know they would eat? And many more. In the upcoming posts I will address these questions to which I finally received answers. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Church of God World Mission Society is Searching for Our Lost Family

To continue our discussion regarding hidden mysteries since the creation of the world, I would like to briefly discuss the hidden mystery, purpose, and reason for our existance upon this earth. As we previously saw, the Bible has testified about Heavenly Mother since the creation of the world. However, we never saw this amazing truth before studying at the Church of God. After realizing that not only do we have Heavenly Father, but also Heavenly Mother, we come to understand God’s divine purpose and reason in creating the family system on this earth (Romans 1:19-20), so that we may recognize that we also have a heavenly family. Which leads into the next mystery that I want to share, another amazing Biblical truth that I was shocked to find I had never learned before in all my years attending Sunday-worshipping churches.

Church of God World Mission Society is Searching for Lost Family. If you believe in a religion, what do you pursue through that religion? As a ship drifts with the current if it has no sail, so we become tossed about in the storms of life if we have no goal in life. It is the same in our life of faith: If we have no goal in our religious life, we will drift about.

From the viewpoint of Christianity, the goal of our faith in God is to enter the kingdom of heaven. Then, why do we want to go to heaven? It’s because the kingdom of heaven is our spiritual home where we had been before we were born in this world.

Why are we here on earth and what do we live for? Where are we from and where are we going? Many have made every effort ot solve this problem. But they have not found the answer yet, because they’ve tried to solve it through philosophy or theology, w/o understanding the will of God. Our spirits didn’t come into existance simultaneously with the birth of our bodies, but already existed in heaven. (Genesis 2:7 & Ecclesiastes 12:7) By sinning against God, however, our spirits were clothed in the tent of the body like a prison and cast out into the earth.

We are from heaven. Our forefathers admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth. Why did they say that? Because they were looking for their own country where they had been before. (Hebrews 11:13-16, John 6:38, Luke 19:10) Putting the previous verses together, we come to a conclusion that Jesus came into the world to seek and to save the lost from heaven. When we study carefully Jesus’ words we can see that we are the lost ones. (Luke 15:3-7)

Why were we born on earth? Romans 3:10-12 & Luke 5:31-32 reveals that all of us our sinners… but then, where did we sin? Ezekiel 28:12-16 & Revelation 12:7-9 reveal mysteries to us about our sin in heaven and also how the enemy and his angels were also thrown to earth… proving to us that all men are sinners expelled from heaven. Then how can we go back? Certainly we cannot go back if we hold onto our sin. We must get rid of our sins and be forgiven by God.

Ephesians 1:7 shows us to be redeemed/forgiven is only through Christ’s blood… but how can we receive His blood?The Bible testifies in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that the only way for us to receive the blood of Christ is through the Passover of the NEW COVENANT. However, this precious truth was abolished in 325 AD by Constantine during the Council of Nicea. This was the work of the enemy trying to prevent the children of God from entering back into heaven. Would God leave the situation in this way? Absolutely not. That is why the Bible prophesied the return of Christ in Hebrews 9:28. As of His return, The Church of God World Mission Society is the only church to keep the NEW CONVENANT according to all its rules and regulations. That is why the Church of God World Mission Society is eagerly seeking and searching for ALL its lost family members, so united they can go back home. As the movie Lilo and Stich says, “Family means no one gets left behind.”

World Mission Society Church of God is the Only Church to Believe in “The Mother of all The Living.”

So one of the things spoken by God that has been hidden since the creation of the world is also one of the most vital.

Recently I found out that Adam and Eve are a prophecy of the second coming of Christ and Heavenly Mother. First of all, I never knew that such a truth was in the Bible (I Corinthians 15:45-49). But second of all, am most importantly, I had no idea that the Bible testified there to be a Heavenly Mother.

My entire life I spent in church, but never had I heard about the female image of God (Genesis 1:26-27). However, when reading I found that not only is She there – and always has been – but that the Bible testifies she will become the Mother of all the living (Genesis 3:20).

Who are the living? Of course those who have spiritual life, as Christ did say 2,000 years ago, “let the dead (those who don’t follow Christ) bury the dead (physical dead).” So the living are those who are given eternal life from Heavenly Father and Mother. However, the only church that believes in THE Heavenly Mother testified in the Bible, is Church of God World Mission Society.

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